Dec 07 2007

Photo Machine Online Service Review

Photo Machine is an online photo sharing website that is absolutely horrible compared to Flickr. We were using them on one of the sites at work up until the other day when we realized that the link no longer worked on our site. We went to the website to try and figure out what was going on and there was no login button anymore. Then we were thinking that if we called them that we could find some answers. Using the number at the bottom of the page, we got a credit card place instead of Photo Machine.

I went online to the Photo Machine FAQ and I found out something really interesting about their so called guarantee. When asked “Is Photo Machine WSIWYG Secure?” (What you see is what you get).

Their response was

Photo Machine stores all websites and personal information in high security level servers, so there is absolutely no security risk to your data. All billing transactions are provided by Bank of America? and/or 2CheckOut? payment systems. Photo Machine is a trusted member of Bank of America? and 2CheckOut?.

I am alright with the part about Bank of America and 2CheckOut since I trust them, but the problem I have is with the fact that they state there is absolutely no security risk to your data. That is not true and you can’t make that guarantee fellas. Did you hear about TJX getting hacked into. It is possible so there is no such thing as 0% risk. Also, your site sucks!

Use Flickr by Yahoo, it is the #1 photo sharing site on the internet and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t use anything but. Normally free, but the Pro version for $25/year, I get unlimited photos, sets, collections, and uploads. I highly recommend it

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