Dec 09 2007

25 Skills Every Man Should Know How To Do

I know that every man should know how to do SOME of these skills, but I don’t think that all of them are gender specific. Sure, patching a radiator hose is an important skill to know, but how is extending your wireless network a man’s job. I know how to do 24 out of 25 of the following:

  1. Patch a radiator hose – Know how to do
  2. Protect your computer – This was my job for 5 years
  3. Rescue a boater who has capsized – Learned from Boy Scouts
  4. Frame a wall – Never done it
  5. Retouch digital photos – Learned myself
  6. Back up a trailer – Know how to do
  7. Build a campfire – Learned from Boy Scouts
  8. Fix a dead outlet – Know how to do
  9. Navigate with a map and compass – Learned from Boy Scouts
  10. Use a torque wrench – Know how to do
  11. Sharpen a knife – Learned from Boy Scouts
  12. Perform CPR – Learned from Boy Scouts
  13. Fillet a fish – Learned from Boy Scouts
  14. Maneuver a car out of a skid – Learned the hard way
  15. Get a car unstuck – Learned the hard way
  16. Back up data – I was a computer technician for 5 years
  17. Paint a room – Know how to do
  18. Mix concrete – I haven’t done it, but I know how to
  19. Clean a bolt-action rifle – Learned from Boy Scouts
  20. Change oil and filter – I change my own oil
  21. Hook up an HDTV – Know how to do
  22. Bleed brakes – Learned from Boy Scouts
  23. Paddle a canoe – Learned from Boy Scouts
  24. Fix a bike flat – Have done it way to many times
  25. Extend your wireless network – Know how to do

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Timothy Haroutunian

Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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