Dec 30 2007

Re-Write The Record Books, Patriots Go 16-0 Undefeated

I know that this is about 24 hours late, but I was busy all day today.
Brady and Moss CelebrateIn the 2007 NFL regular season, the New England Patriots are perfect. Now that is not entirely true, if they were perfect, no one would have scored on them all season. Since that is not possible (yet), this is as close to perfect they can get. 16 teams tried to beat them in 16 games and no one was able to do it. Even during those 4 games where it came down to the last 2 minutes or 1 second in one game. This is not about being perfect though, it is about 2 things and two things only, the second one being the most important. First, breaking about 6 NFL All-Time Records and the second of course, winning another Super Bowl.

Breaking records and winning is why the game exists and if you’re not playing to win, you’re not playing at all. Just like the 57-69 Celtics, the Red Sox (now and before 1918), the Bruins in the early 70’s and now the Patriots. Since 2001, that is all the Patriots do is win and make history. Everyone wants to put an * next to this season because of spygate, but they can’t realize that we would have destroyed the Jets that game even if this whole situation didn’t happen. Everyone from New York can deal and everyone down in Miami can deal, which includes Don Shula. Shula is pissed because the Patriots completed what analysts said was not possible. They talked about the ’72 Dolphins being different than any other team ever…Up until now. Three more games and the New England Patriots could/should be labeled the greatest team ever to play in the NFL, passing the ’72 Dolpins and the ’85 Bears. Is it possible, we will find out, but let me say that it is indeed possible since the Patriots can play the game with a 40 point lead, a 3 point lead or even a 12 point deficit. They are that good and the records prove it.

Including last week, the Patriots have broken tons of records, here are some of the top ones.

  • MOST TOUCHDOWN PASSES BY A QUARTERBACK IN A SEASON (50 – Tom Brady passing Payton Manning)
  • MOST TOUCHDOWN RECEPTIONS A SEASON (23 – Randy Moss passing Jerry Rice)

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