Jan 02 2008

How Many Baseballs Used During A MLB game/season?

Major League BaseballEvery time you watch a baseball game, you will see foul balls, end of inning balls being thrown in the stands and balls that hit the dirt get taken out of play. What do they do with those balls and how many baseballs get used during a MLB game/season.

After doing some research, I found out that in one game, there could be 72 baseballs used. The home team must have 90 baseballs on hand at each game. Most baseballs only last on average about 6 pitches before they are taken out of play. If you figure out each game for each team the entire season, you are looking at 113,850 baseballs used in a season. Each ball is $3 and multiplying that by 113,850, MLB spends $341,550 on baseballs each season.

Just an interesting observation!

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