Jan 04 2008

Web Developer Wanted For 38 Studios (Curt Schilling)

38 Studios

Being that I am both a Red Sox fanatic and a web developer/geek, I think working for a sports legend would be sweet. Curt Schilling, (Boston Red Sox) pitcher started up a video game company called 38 Studios formerly Green Monster Games and they are, at time of post, looking for a Web Manager for their site.

Contrary to popular belief, the company’s original name was not named after the wall in Fenway Park. Schilling as quoted on the Fires of Heaven Guild message boards, posting under his EQ characters name Ngruk, “The GMG name was, and I know this is going to be impossible to believe, not named after the left field wall at Fenway. The name was made up by someone who knew next to nothing about baseball and isn’t even from this country.”

I am not saying that I would apply for the job considering that I currently enjoy who I am working for, but it would be fun to apply. I don’t think Curt would be dealing with the hiring, but it would be a fun interview if he did. He also runs a blog based out of 38 Pitches which is in my feed and I read a lot.

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