Jan 13 2008

Patriots To Championship Game; Colts & Fans Are Losers

This will be very short because I don’t feel well, but I thought I would post it anyway

The Patriots beat Jacksonville in the AFC divisional round to head into the AFC Championship game against the San Diego Chargers. The Colts lost by a big upset today and will not play another game until next August. On the NFC side, the Cowboys lost against the Giants and Green Bay beat the Seahawks to go to their championship game.

What do I mean about Colts fans being losers? During an announcement on the field about young kids ages 9-15 winning a NFL wide contest, the Colts fans booed a 15 year old girl from New Hampshire who was representing the Patriots. It is one thing to boo the Patriots (which is sad since we are amazing), but it is another thing to boo a 15 year old girl who likes the Patriots on television. That shows what type of people Colts fans are and I have lost all respect for those people. However, it came back to bite them when they lost.

GO PATRIOTS!!!! Next Sunday, they will go for 18-0 and a trip to the Super Bowl in February!

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  1. loonacy

    I currently live in the L(H)ooser state but I’m from NE and a big Pats fan. At work on Monday I mentioned I was glad to see the colts lost if nothing else than because Manning, when he is unable to actually move the ball down the field, goes for the cheap 5 yard penality when the opposing team switches players. (Manning=chief loser). But when the no class trailer queen rednecks booed that girl I thought I was estatic that the colts lost. Maybe between now and the start of the ’08 season Walmart will start carrying cans of class and have a sale so these twits might be able to get some. Oh yea, I wear my Patswear proudly all year long and just itch for some queen to say something.

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