Jan 14 2008

The Bucket List: Movie Review

The Bucket List” is a new movie that just came out with the main actors of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson who play characters that are given 6 months to a year to live. Instead of wallowing in their misery, they decide to live the rest of their life to the fullest by traveling. I really enjoyed it even though it was very sad.

They traveled to the Pyramids in Egypt, went sky diving, race each other in classic cars (one being a shelby 350), and took private jet around the world and enjoyed the time they had, however long that may be. The problem with that is they became very good friends and changed each other’s lives without even knowing it. They were there for each other when they were at their lowest points.

Earlier, I said it was sad, and I mean extremely sad, because it hit very close to home. I don’t know why, but the movie just got to me since I am going through a similar situation. However, like George Michaels stated in one of his songs, “You gotta have faith”.

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