Jan 15 2008

Bush Signs Bill Reducing Aid To Armenian By 17.5 Million

George Bush has signed the 2008 fiscal year aid bill which is to provide $17.5 million less to Armenia compared to 2007. The bill, signed by “President” Bush, is an unchanged version of the budget expenditures item passed by the both houses a day earlier.

The 2008 overall package, known as the omnibus bill, envisions providing $58.5 million in economic assistance to Armenia within the Freedom Support Act. The omnibus aid bill includes $19 million for Azerbaijan. Also, the US will render $3 million in foreign military financing (FMF) assistance to Armenia and Azerbaijan in equality. The 2008 budget items infuriated the US-based Armenian organizations.

I don’t understand why Bush keeps on aggravating the Armenian Americans by passing bills that take away from Armenians around the country. The last time was when he told congress not to vote on the Armenian Genocide recognition bill so that he could keep good standing with Turkey. George Bush needs to be out of office and 370 days can’t come quick enough.

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