Jan 20 2008

Patriots Are Headed To Superbowl XLII To Face NY Giants

1200878418_1211The Patriots are back in the big game, but this time they are facing the NY Giants. The New England Patriots beat the Chargers 21-12, to head to Arizona for Superbowl XLII. However, this was not the best game that the Patriots have played. Brady was intercepted 3 times and only got 2 touchdowns and he wasn’t at his best today. I hope that he will be able to turn that around in two weeks. I was also upset with the secondary of the Pats who gave up some big yardage to the Chargers early in the game, A win is a win, but if they play like they did tonight during the superbowl, the Giants will crush them. However, the Patriots are too good to let anyone beat them, so I am only a little worried in that, “I know they will win, but stranger things have happened” kind of way.

A very enjoyable game which lead to the Patriots winning 18 straight games in one season. There is only one more game to go before we are claimed Champions once again. Oh by the way, the Giants beat the Packers in overtime 23-20. More to come later about the Superbowl.


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