Jan 24 2008

Shoghaken Ensemble To Perform Just Outside Boston

shoghaken_ensemble2On February 1st at 8pm in Somerville, MA. The tickets are $28 a piece which is really expensive for an Armenian Ensemble, but I willing to pay it to see what they sound like and maybe get some pictures (most likely no though).

Here is the promo for it from Wiked Local.

Surprisingly, the soul of this land-locked country is in an instrument called the ‚??duduk,‚?Ě a double-reed lute carved from the root of an apricot tree. You‚??ll hear that, along with the ‚??kanoon‚?Ě and the ‚??kamancheh,‚?Ě when the Shoghaken Ensemble performs. The group is the country‚??s premier folk ensemble, playing haunting lullabies and a ‚??thrillingly exotic‚?Ě sound. This sounds scary and sexy. I‚??m intrigued. The group recently performed with Yo-Yo Ma, which gives them some coveted world music street cred. Respect…

There are three songs in this play list which will play automatically back to back.

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