Jan 26 2008

Can You Name 12 Countries/Territory That Have Only 4 Letters

A friend of mine quizzed me a few years ago on all of the countries that have only four letters in their name. I was able to get 11 of them and was very surpised as to how hard it was to remember. Can you name all of them?

  1. Chad
  2. Cuba
  3. Fiji
  4. Guam
  5. Iran
  6. Iraq
  7. Laos
  8. Mali
  9. Niue
  10. Oman
  11. Peru
  12. Togo

I had trouble with “Niue” because I didn’t even know it was a country. “Niue (pronounced /niː??uːeɪ/, /?njuːeɪ/ in English) is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is commonly known as the Rock of Polynesia. Natives of the island call it ‘the Rock.’ Although self-governing, Niue is in free association with New Zealand, meaning that the Sovereign in Right of New Zealand is also Niue’s head of state.”

Government Constitutional monarchy
Head of State Queen Elizabeth II
Premier Hon. Mititaiagimene Young Vivian

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  1. Neil

    Guam and Niue aren’t countries. Guam is part of the USA from an adminstrative point of view and Niue are administered by New Zealand. There are only 10 true, independent countries with 4 letters and they are listed above.

  2. Timothy Haroutunian

    @ Neil,

    Yes, you are correct, however, I was going by the CIA’s Factbook which listed it with the countries. After you dig into the information, you find that it is a territory of the US. Since I just grabbed all of the “countries” on the list with 4 letters, it appeared in this list. Thanks for the comment.

  3. charlie

    Eire is how the Irish spell it and say it and can therfore be included. Its the only one I can think of like this. Many other countries change when not spelt in English, but none I can think of reduce to 4 letter, except Ireland.

  4. Fishy

    Also, Chile in spanish only has 4 letters (if you use the alphabet that was still most commonly used until the late 1990s)

    And no, Guam is not a country, nor is Niue, it says Country/Location, they are locations. The Atlantic Ocean is on that list, does that qualify it as a country? I think not

  5. Paul

    Eire is Ireland only when using the Irish language. The official title in the English language is Ireland. So, if we’re talking about countries as they are written in English then Eire doesn’t count. It is wrong to use Eire if speaking/writing in English.

  6. Fera

    guys, nobody though of Toga, that is a real country AND has 4 letters

  7. Donald Sands

    GUAM IS NOT A COUNTRY..IT IS A An unincorporated territory of the United States

  8. James

    certainly not! guam is an unincorporated territory of the United States, Niue is not a sovereign state although it is self governed, all citizens are subjects of the Queen via NZ

  9. Olga Johnson

    Thanks for settling a bet, but guam and niue are debatable countries…

  10. drew

    Two of the “countries” on this list are not sovereign nations. Guam is a US territory, and Niue belongs to New Zealand.

  11. Matt

    Guam is not a country

  12. Snor

    Unfortunately, Guam is not a country and Niue’s association with New Zealand makes them not count as a country so much.

  13. uhlizuhbiff

    Toga is not a country. Togo is, and it’s #12 on the list.

  14. Sid

    I can’t believe you forgot Jare! Idiots!

  15. Tony

    Togo is the diminutive of the correct name “Togolese Republic” being a pedantic I like to get things right.

  16. Tony

    Why isn’t bali one off them

  17. Jon Blackburn

    Bali is a province of and an island in Indonesia

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