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Feb 29 2008

The Next Great Planet Debate

I wish they could bring Pluto back as a planet….Enjoy How do you define a planet? Pluto may remain in the pint-size pigeonhole – but the other planets, in our solar system and beyond, would get their own pigeonholes as well.

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Feb 28 2008

Google Adsense Finally Makes Me Very Happy (Resolution)

In 20 hours, the Google Adsense team analyzed my problem, fixed the problem and responded to me. I was very surprised at how fast they responded, but I guess if you’re Google, it makes sense to have great tech support.

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Feb 26 2008

DVD Saved Firefighter From Bullet

A fight fighter in South Carolina was saved from a bullet by a DVD that his friend “burned” for him about fire extinguishers. The DVD case shattered and there was a hole in the DVD (besides the usual one).

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Feb 25 2008

I Am Not A ‘Guitar Hero’…Yet

Yesterday I finally found Guitar Hero for the Wii at Circuit City and decided to buy it. I am having a lot of fun trying to play different songs on different levels. My favorite song to play thus far is “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper.

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Feb 24 2008

Verizon Fios Tech Support Guy Made A Joke

Today I called Verizon Fios to have them reset our box outside from their end and the tech support guy was pretty funny. I know that it is Verizon Wireless and not Verizon Fios, but they are owned by the same company.

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Feb 23 2008

Massive Snow Storm Caused Me To Crash My Car

Last night I was driving home from my long time neighbor’s wake and got into a car accident. My mother was in the car since we were coming from the wake and she was very nervous about the car’s driving ability.

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Feb 22 2008

Armenia Not Too Happy With Election Results

Just when I think things are looking up with the new President of Turkey willing to make ties with Armenia by allowing the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, troubles arise. The due announcement was made by Vardan Arutyunan, chairman of Armenia’s Center of Rights and Liberties and former political prisoner.

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Feb 21 2008

Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites Awesomeness

While watching Survivor Micronesia tonight, the fans were in a downpour all night, no one could sleep and they didn’t have a good shelter. HA HA HA. I put that in quotes because the editing room can be a fun place to work and sometimes things just come to you and they work out perfect.

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Feb 20 2008

4 Reasons To Enjoy A Total Lunar Eclipse In 2008

Tonight there was a total eclipse (of my heart….just kidding) of the moon which in turn makes it a total lunar eclipse. I couldn’t stay out that long because my hands were getting cold Not only could you see the Total Lunar Eclipse, but you could also see Regulus and the Planet Saturn was very visible.

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