Feb 05 2008

Super Tuesday 2008: Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Super Tuesday is when the majority of states vote for President in their individual primaries. However, in the past most people do not vote in the primaries because it is just too hard to get their after work or they don’t see the point, but that problem may change this year with the country in shambles. Mitt Romney is my former governor and I have to respect that, but he makes stupid comments that average people will pick up on and blast him for it.

In the article below, it summarizes that Mitt Romney is worth over $500 Million (> $500,000,000) and analysts have said that even though he doesn’t really have a chance in winning, he has enough money to stay in all the way to the nomination convention. So he is worth more than most average people combined and most people are alright with that. However, in a speech in “Southie” (South Boston) he mentioned that we are tired of the oil companies “taking money out of our pockets”. Our pockets? Really…Our Pockets? You have over 500 Million Dollars and you’re worried about your pockets. What about the people who are cold in the winter and hungry in the summer. What about the people who come home from this trillion dollar war and you have nothing to give them. What about the families who cry themselves to sleep because of an illness and wake up the next morning and fight to live on. What about the people who don’t complain about their unfortunate lives and you are spending money on running for a presidency that is not going to be yours. I’m not saying to give all your money, but stop spending it stupidly. Accept the loss and try and change the country/world with money instead of power.

Google ads rule sometimes. Now I am not a republican, but the below image is funny. It tells how much money Mitt Romney has and there is a google ad of John McCain. Screwed by something that would work if the Internet wasn’t around.
Romney McCain Ad

In case anyone was wondering, I voted for Barack Obama.

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