Feb 08 2008

Marijuana Vending Machines: Violate International Treaties

There was an article recently that explained how herbal stores in Los Angles opened two PVMs (Prescription Vending Machines). The machines will allow for more security and lower costs instead of on the streets. It would be in a controlled environment that will be monitored and documented. The patient would go into the store and present their prescription, photo id to the staff and then the patient will be photographed and fingerprinted. The owner stated that there would be less overhead and the savings would reduce the price.

The machines have different flavors that you can buy in two convenient sizes, 1/8 and 2/8 of an ounce (3.54369039 and 7.08738078 grams). The FDA however, doesn’t agree with this form of the prescription, as they would give out pills. The FDA also doesn’t agree with what to feed children anymore either, so I don’t know about them.

It is “legal” in 11 states, but considered illegal in the United States. I have heard many people argue about the pros and cons and what outweighs what. Today there was an article about how the machines violate international treaties.

Marijuana vending machines in Los Angeles violate international treaties and should be shut down, the U.N.-affiliated drug control board said Friday.

“The International Narcotics Control Board is deeply concerned about reports that computerized vending machines to dispense cannabis (marijuana) have been put into operation in Los Angeles,” Philip O. Emafo, president of the board, said in a statement.

At least three Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries have installed vending machines to distribute the drug to people who carry cards authorizing marijuana use. The drug is said to alleviate chronic pain, loss of appetite and other ailments.

Apparently pride is more important than stopping the pain that ales thousands/millions of people around the country who are suffering. Alcohol is more of drug than marijuana is by far. Alcohol has a higher dependence, intoxication and tolerance. There has never been a recorded death due to an overdose of marijuana but alcohol is responsible for tens of thousands of death per year. If the US legalized it, they could control it, tax it and end the “war on pot”. If you use marijuana like alcohol, not in excess and do not operate a vehicle, most people will be fine.

People want to try and convince you that people are more aggressive on weed. Robin Williams disagrees: ‘The poor Canadian snowboarder, in the 1998 Olympics, they took away his medal because he tested positive for marijuana, which is kinda redundant number one, number two, they said that marijuana was a “performance-enhancing drug”. Marijuana enhances many things, colors, flavors, sensations, but you are certainly not fucking empowered. When you’re stoned, you’re lucky if you can find your own goddamn feet. The only way it’s a performance-enhancing drug is if there’s a big fucking Hershey bar at the end of the run. Then you’ll be like a Swiss ski jumper going, “I’m there!”.’ – Live on Broadway.

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