Feb 23 2008

Massive Snow Storm Caused Me To Crash My Car

Last night I was driving home from my long time neighbor’s wake and got into a car accident. I’m alright, but my car wasn’t. I busted up my rim and bent the steering rod. I know it’s not totaled or anything, but I have never got into a car accident before, if you don’t count my Jeep exploding. It was still snowing pretty bad out and the roads were horrible.

I was driving into the “base of the fork” and my car hit ice and I couldn’t stop. I just held down my horn and hoped no one was coming the other way. No one was hurt, but it was kinda scary. After I hit, I tried driving and I was hearing a chugging sound and I knew something was wrong. My mother was in the car since we were coming from the wake and she was very nervous about the car’s driving ability.

As we were going up the hill with the tire going “chug chug chug” faster and faster, I started saying “I think I can, I think I can“. It lightened a very tense environment in which we weren’t sure what was wrong with the car. Earlier today my friend looked at my car and he said that I could still drive it, so we put on my spare tire and called it a day. However, Monday I am going to take it to his shop to be fixed.

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