Mar 04 2008

Obama So Close To Clinching Nomination Until Today

Up until tonight, we were looking at the Barack Obama, Democratic nominee for President of the United States. At the time of post, the Texas primaries were not totaled yet and it is very close. However, all has changed after the results came in from Ohio and Rhode Island putting Hillary Clinton back in the race. Speaking of race, Ohio voters stated that 1 of 5 voters made their determination by race.

Let me see if I get this right. Ohio voters believe that a very intelligent man who happens to be a darker color than others is not fit to run this country. Didn’t we take care of this situation when Abraham Lincoln was President? Who do you think could run this country better, Barack Obama or Timothy McVeigh? McVeigh would have been 40 in a few months if he wasn’t given the death penalty for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. I understand he was murderer and a obvious psychopath, but that just proves my point that the color of his skin shouldn’t matter. Shame on people if that is there reason for not voting for him. If they don’t believe in his views, fine, but to not even to give him a chance is knocking us back to the 1840’s.

What is wrong with people that they won’t vote for a black man because he is black. Just because he was born a certain color doesn’t mean he can’t run a country. He put himself through Columbia University and Harvard University Law School to have a chance to do something big with his life. He became a senator for the state of Illinois in 1997 and became a United States Senator in 2004. Besides all of those points, he is a Natural-born citizen of this country and has every right to run for President because it is stated in the Constitution.

Good Luck Obama!

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