Mar 08 2008

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

This is a screenshot from the FBI “Top 10 Most Wanted” list. It places Osama Bin Laden at number 3 and Whitey Bulger at number 4. I am glad we went to war for 6 1/2 years over a number 3 and the first two I haven’t heard much about. I know there is more behind the ranking, but it just looks weird to someone who just saw the list.

fbi most wanted

“The list itself has no particular ranking. This may be because the FBI does not want to promote competition between criminals to gain the Number 1 spot. However, the FBI has in the past identified individuals by the sequence number in which each individual has appeared on the list. Some individuals have even appeared twice, and often a sequence number was permanently assigned to an individual suspect who was soon caught, captured, or simply removed before his or her appearance could be published on the publicly released list. In those cases, the public would see only gaps in the number sequence reported by the FBI.”

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