Mar 17 2008

Why My Former College Organization Is Similar To The Mob

Granted it is not the mob because we don’t do anything illegal, but we do have similar ideas about relationships. Once you’re in the mob, they take care of you for life. It’s a family thing. Most of the people that I worked with in PACE are still some of my best friends who care about everyone in the organization as if it was their own family. Many people have proved that to me all the way back when my real sister was part of the organization in 1994. She still talks to many of the people she was in the organization with, some of which were in her wedding. You spend so much time with these people that it is hard not to be friends with them.

To all of those who think people can’t work with “family”, we made it happen. When it comes down to it, friendships are more important because after your time in the organization is over, your true friends will always be there for you. They also prove that just a phone call and a night out to dinner can completely change the way a person is feeling. Even though they live an hour away, they took the time to call me to see if I wanted to hang out with them in Boston (well right outside the city) and go to dinner.

Thank you for proving my favorite quote (that I wrote in a paper 7 years ago) is still true.
“The Bond between Friends is not determined by the Distance we are away, but by Heart

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