Mar 25 2008

Red Sox Come Back To Take Game 1 Of The 2008 Season

I know that Daisuke didn’t have a good start of the game, but he calmed down after a few innings and considering it was the first game and it was in Japan (his home crowd), he was a bit nervous.

daisuke matsuzaka

However, he is their star player and even though he didn’t get the win, he didn’t get the loss. After Manny came up big in the 6th inning giving the Red Sox the lead, they took Daisuke out so that he could possibly get the win. The Athletics came right back taking the lead 4-3. It wasn’t until the 9th inning when, last minute replacement for hurt JD Drew, Brandon Moss came out and blasted one for a Home Run to tie the game taking it into the 10th inning.

Manny once again came up big with a double bringing home two runs. In the bottom of the 10th, the A’s got a run back but Papelbon and the crew were able to close out the game for the win. We are on our way to back-to-back championships, first time since the 1915-1916 seasons.

NOTE: Jordan’s furniture is doing the promotion again, but this time, the Red Sox have to sweep the World Series for the free furniture “Monster Deal”.

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