Mar 31 2008

Today Is Mr. Feeny’s (William Daniels) 81st Birthday

I’m not sure who remembers Mr. Feeny, but he was a very big influence in my life growing up. Just like most adults (who were kids at the time) learned a lot from Feeny and Boy Meets World. So much so that MyPartyShirt.com created a shirt that says: “Everything I need to know in life was taught to me by Mr. Feeny”.


Even though William Daniels was in many other films and tv shows, he will always be known as Mr. Feeny.

So Happy Birthday William Daniels A.K.A. Mr. Feeny!

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  1. agneau

    Thanks for making this entry to your blog. Mr. Feeny was also a big influence on my life. I actually found the entry by accident as I was looking for something else, but as soon as I read it, I went straight to mypartyshirt.com and bought myself one of those t-shirts.

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