Apr 11 2008

New MLB Drug Policy, $200,000 Goes To Anti-Drug Charity

The MLB and the players union created a new drug policy for baseball, both MLB and Farm leagues. Some have even said going back to College or High School to do drug testing. They would increase the number of drug tests to around 3,600 making it about 3 per player per year.

Active players who were named in the Michell report will not get reprimanded but with have to do Community Service. The Players Union will have to give $200,000 to an anti-drug charity. Any fines imposed on management will be donated to the Partnership of a Drug Free America and the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

Mitchell said that the current penalties — 50 games for a first positive test, 100 for a second and a lifetime ban for a third with the right to apply for reinstatement after two years — were adequate, and those won’t change. But he advised that the program should be independently administrated, be more transparent, that testing — in season and out — should be increased, education be a necessary component and that new and better testing practices are able to be implemented without having to reopen the program on each occasion.

  • Beginning in 2009, Major League Baseball will impose uniform certification requirements on full-time strength and conditioning coaches employed by each team. In 2010, Selig will issue guidelines designed to ensure that qualified strength and conditioning coaches are available to players at all levels of every organization.
  • Major League players, including players named in the Mitchell Report, will join MLB to help educate youth and their parents regarding the dangers of performance-enhancing substances.
  • Teams will be notified if any amateur player tests positive, although the player would still be eligible for that year’s Draft. Any amateur player declining to be tested will lose his eligibility for the Draft.

Manfred said that the program administrator will use the list of top 200 amateur prospects compiled each year by the MLB Scouting Bureau as the basis for those players to be tested. Plus, drug testers will fan out to high schools, colleges and homes to conduct these tests. – source

It will be an interesting new era in baseball. To a new set of youth who will learn the meaning of the word “hero”!

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