Apr 17 2008

Yankee Stadium Employees Are Very Stupid; Red Sox Win

Tonight while watching the Red Sox Yankees game at Yankee Stadium, I realized that their employees are idiots. They were playing songs all night that had the word “moon” in it because they thought it was a full moon. However it wasn’t a full moon. According to farmers almanac, the moon will not be completely full until April 20th at 6:25am. What a bunch of morons that they couldn’t take 15 seconds to google it and find out.

By the way, the Red Sox beat the Yankees 7-5 putting the Red Sox in sole control of first place in the AL East. I know it is still April, but I love saying that the Red Sox are in 1st. I did it for mostly all of last year, so I figure this year should be about the same.

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Timothy Haroutunian

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  1. Sox Suck

    Hey Timothy,

    Ya freakin fairy…do us real baseball fans a favor and just stay away from yankee stadium…who gives a crap about what music gets played, most folks are there for the game you dumbass…and take your Farmers Almanac and stick it up your ass!!!!

  2. chris

    in all fairness, if you were watching it on NESN, remy and orsillo actually pointed this out for us.

    that’d be impressive if you noticed this from the ambient noise coming in and out of commercial breaks…

  3. Timothy Haroutunian

    @ first comment – Really, you are really going to say that the Red Sox suck? The defending World Champions suck? I never said that you weren’t real baseball fans, however, you must be a Yankees fan. That shows me that you are a “fan” of the Yankees because they usually win. However, in the last 4 years, what have the Yankees done. I have been a life long Red Sox fan, not only my life, but all the way back to my grandmother (that I know of). Also, don’t get me started on the music they play at Yankee Stadium. In the 8th inning, what song do they play? YMCA…and you’re calling me a fairy. It also seems that you’re mad because you know I’m right. Most people are there for the game, but to make a mistake in front of 57,000 people is pretty big. That shows how good their management skills are, or the lack their of. It is too bad that the only thing that Yankee fans could make fun of the Red Sox for was screaming 1918, but that was erased in 04 when we destroyed the Yankees in the biggest deficit in history.

    @ chris – I can’t deny the fact that RemDawg and Don may have pointed it out, but they only made an observation. I checked the actual full moon dates before they were able to check. I also never stated that I was the one who noticed they were playing the songs. I said that I realized they were idiots. Thanks for the comment.

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