Apr 21 2008

Bruins Fall Short Against Carey Price And Canadians In Game 7

It is better to try and fail….then let those damn Canadians take the easy way out. Not all Canadians, just the Montreal roaming, hockey playing ones. However, I need to give credit where it is due and the credit for the win goes to their goaltender Carey Price. If it wasn’t for Price and his numerous saves against the Bruins offense, the Canadians would be hiking their mountains searching for a better way to make beer. (I guess their beer isn’t that bad)

The Bruins played hard and came back from a 3-1 deficit to force a final game, but unfortunately they were unable to beat Montreal on their home ice. The Bruins did have two key players injured which could have changed the series. Patrice Bergeron has been out since October 27th and Glen Murray was taken off the ice during the first period of game 7. Let’s look ahead to next year. Bergeron was almost clear to play for this final game, a whole new off-season will give him more time to prepare and make him better than he already is. If Bergeron was healthy and playing this whole year, I believe that the Bruins could have beat the Canadians. In most of the games, the Bruins were outplaying the Canadians, but Carey Price was remarkable in the first game and last game of the series.

Good luck next year Bruins!!!

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