Apr 22 2008

Why Won’t Hillary Clinton Give Up On Running For President

Hillary Clinton may have won Pennsylvania, but she won’t be able to win the nomination or the Presidency. The only thing she is doing right now is dividing the Democratic party. Since super Tuesday, the party has been trying to pull together and settle on one candidate and Hillary won’t back down. She has lost so many supporters that her once big lead has dwindled down to about 200 behind Obama. Barack Obama is the best candidate for President because he will bring change.

John McCain will not stop until the war in Iraq is over and after millions more die, we will be left with the bill. If Hillary doesn’t drop out soon, I don’t know if the party can pull together and make a decision which in turn will put McCain in office. John McCain is George Bush’s twin…except John McCain was born 200 years earlier. Take two candidates who were the youngest you could be to become the President (35 years old) and put them together, McCain would still be older than them. How do we know he isn’t senile at that age? Don’t come crying when he bans cell phones and computers for being the devil child. I know that’s why we have checks and balances, but do you really want another 4 years of a Republican who cares more about winning a war than fighting the battles in the US.

Here is an awesome video proving my earlier point about Hillary.
[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axxooGIgOKs&autostart=0 425 350]

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  1. matt

    We won’t be left with the bill. Thats why we attacked a country [over there] with oil. Oil = economy Econemy = great chance of stability and the ability to pay back loans..

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