May 04 2008

Celtics Advance To Next Round With Game 7 Blowout

Earlier today I was at the TD Banknorth Garden for some good old fashioned Celtics blowout basketball. The Celtics beat the Atlanta Hawks in a “should have been over in 4 games” 99-65 win to advance on to the next round of the of playoffs to face Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Garden was filled with an outrageous atmosphere that is awesome. I have been to a lot of Red Sox games and Bruins games, but I have never been to a Celtics game until now. The bruins atmosphere is loud and Fenway Park is outdoors so it is not as contained, but this is a completely different kind of loud. It was a great game considering they won, but there was a play in the third quarter that changed the game.

Marvin Williams of Atlanta grabbed Boston guard Rajon Rondo by the neck, in an open court layup, and forcefully dragged him to the ground. Rondo just laid there for a few minutes trying to catch his breathe. Rondo was given a two automatic free throws, which he made, and Williams was ejected within minutes of review. The crowd, Vasken and I included, flipped out because of how dangerous it was. If Rondo landed on his head, that could have been very serious. He should be fined for such a blatant take down.

Game 1 of the 2nd Round starts on Tuesday!

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