May 06 2008

Rock Port Missouri First US City To Be 100% Wind Powered

Our country (US) needs a renewable energy source to help power our cities, but shouldn’t we try and use a source that will always be available. Have you ever walked outside and felt a gush of wind on your face? Of course you have because it is part of our environment. Why don’t we use those to power our cities? Well, Rock Port Missouri is the first city in the US to be 100% wind powered. The installed wind turbines on hills grab a hold of the most wind and convert it into power. Historically, Rock Port has used 13 GWH and is producing 16 GWH using the Wind Turbines. They are in theory they are reversing the power used.

Boston was thinking about Wind Power, but it would put a 250 foot Wind Turbine in the middle of the city, which people say would look ugly, but it would reduce our dependency on crude oil. Forget how bad it looks because our country is going through hell over oil and it is not worth it.

Good Job Rock Port!!!

Wind Powered Chart

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