May 28 2008

Two Green Line Trains Collide In Newton

traincollision5At around 6:15pm, two trains on the Green Line collided in a very horrific accident killing the trains conductor. The trains

MBTA officials said an outbound commuter 2-car train stopped for a red light signal near Woodland Station and was hit from behind by a second outbound 2-car train. The operator of the second train was trapped inside and emergency crews worked for hours Wednesday night to pull her from the wreckage.

“The train was stopped at the time. I thought we were waiting for the track to clear ahead of us. The train was not moving. I remember because I was annoyed. I had a meeting to go to, and I was going to be late and then all of a sudden‚?¶ Wham!” Brodeur said. “And everything broke loose. The chairs broke loose. I wound up on my butt about 4 seats forward. I lost my glasses, cap, briefcase‚?¶ We walked to the front of our car‚?¶ and then I noticed there was a fire to the right of the accident site. It looked like a brush fire ignited by the sparks from the accident. We all started walking along the tracks toward Woodland Station.” – Bob Brodeur, Passenger

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