May 29 2008

Peabody Fire Leave Hundreds Of People Homeless

It hasn’t been a good two days in the Boston area. Today at around 4pm, an apartment complex in Peabody, MA (the city where I currently work) went up in flames. The “luxury” apartments, Highlands at Dearborn, are still burning at this moment and firefighters will be working to put it out. Residents were sent to Salem State College

The evening commute home for cars going 95/128 North and South was backed up for miles and the smoke could be seen in parts of Boston (about 25 miles away). As I was driving home today after work, I was stuck in the traffic and when I looked over and saw the flames and the apartment burning, it looked awful.

One of my friends from work lived there and lost everything. Not only did she lose her apartment and all her possessions, she also lost her two cats who were trapped inside while she was at work. We are setting up a collection at work to help her.


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