Jun 02 2008

Disney’s Mighty Ducks 4: Should They Actually Make It?

Growing up, I loved watching the Mighty Ducks films, mainly because I was playing hockey around the time the movies came out. They were a few years older than me, but I really enjoyed it. That was in 1992 when the first film came out. The second and third films came every two years up to 1996 when the third was released.

In 2008 there have been rumors that they are actually going to make another one. It has been 12 years since the last one was made, it seems that today’s generation wasn’t even born when the first movie was released. However, they seem to have a familiar plotline for the 4th.

The Mighty Ducks return! Charlie is an adult; but he isn’t exactly grown up. When he gets into trouble with the law, he’s forced to do community service, coaching a children’s hockey team. Naturally, he calls on old friend Gordon Bombay (Estevez) for help.
————other sources say———————————–
The plotline for ??The Mighty Ducks 4? will have a lot to do with today??s generation preferring to stay inside and play video games or search the internet rather than get out there and play a sport. He believes there is an opportunity to take some of the characters like ??Goldberg and Averman and bring them back, and we can revisit that, if we had a fresh story to tell. And that??s what we??re working on?.

That doesn’t give a definite that they are doing it, but I wonder how well it would do now.

On a message board, Rhino2233 writes:

A new Mighty Ducks film is currently in development at Disney. The film has officially been given the green light after script by Steven Brill was approved. The film will reportedly center on Banks, who has since gone pro along with Charlie and his girlfriend, Julie the Cat Gaffney, Bangor,Maine. Other cast members will be making cameos. Taking a more serious twist on the sorry, Coach Bombay will be defending himself in court against former ducks who charge him will sexual molestation that took place in the first two films. Hans will also appear in spirit form to give Charlie Conway some much needed advice. Watch for more news.

He is obviously kidding, but that is awesome.

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  1. Pedro


    I definitely agree they should make it!!

  2. kyle

    In my opinion, I think this movie is a great idea, but I would like to see the ducks work on somehow in making it to the N.H.L. I think creating a story line from being kids and then going into highschool let’s take it to the next level and aquire them into the N.H.L. Now of course it has to have a great story line behind it but that would be my opinion.

  3. ashley

    would love to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK EMILO ESTEVEZ AND BANKS!!!!! LOVE BANKS!!! 🙂

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