Jun 03 2008

Barack Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination For President

After 16 months of campaigning, it is just starting for Barack and it is all over for Hillary Clinton (unless the world collapses). Barack Obama clinched the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States.

Barack Obama

Tonight, I listened to his speech and it was amazing. He talked about everything that he should have and nothing that made him look weak. I have a feeling that this speech might help him to take on John McCain the way other said he couldn’t.

Obama’s speech spent most of the time criticizing John McCain and his proposed ideas for “change”. Obama completely blew McCain’s speech out of the water and it will be remembered for the next few months until the convention.

Tonight, during the exit polls, a lot of Hillary’s supports said they would vote for Obama if she didn’t win. Many of Hillary’s campaign members said that she wouldn’t mind being #2 on the ballot as Vice President. We don’t know yet what will happen, but if Hillary was on the ticket as VP, CNN predicts that the Democrats might be able to swing votes over to their side that Obama didn’t win and take a huge victory.

If a “dream team” ticket, CNN predicts 316 EC votes for Obama and 222 EC votes for McCain.
*EC = Electoral College

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