Jun 11 2008

Four Boy Scouts Die From Tornado In Iowa Scout Camp

A Boy Scout camp in Little Sioux, Iowa was destroyed after a tornado hit the camp.

Iowa Public Safety Commissioner Gene Meyer said the four were killed by a storm that slammed into the Little Sioux Scout Ranch near the Nebraska state line.

Meyer said about 120 people, including 93 campers, were believed to be at the camp at the time of the storm.

About 40 people were injured, said Sheri Bauwens, a nurse with the American Red Cross.

Lloyd Roitstein, president of the Boy Scouts of Mid-America Council, said the Scouts at the ranch were advanced Scouts between 13 and 18 years old and were there for a week of training.

He said they were staying in tents and that the site is destroyed.

“All of the buildings are gone; most of the tents are gone; most of the trees are destroyed,” Roitstein said. “You’ve got 1,800 acres of property that are destroyed right now.”

Being an Eagle Scout myself, this was very upsetting to me. They were behind a mountain and there was no where to really escape the twister. They didn’t have a plan or a shelter to go into. When I called my mother to tell her about the situation, she said, “They weren’t prepared”, which is funny considering the Scout Motto is “Be Prepared”. It wasn’t meant to be a joke, but it did lighten the situation a bit.

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