Jun 25 2008

John McCain Sponsors “Pig Invaders” On His Website – WOW

John McCain’s website launched a new feature to “entertain all the kiddies” out there. Did he completely miss 5 years of his life when he was younger? Oh, he did…I’m sorry! He must have missed when “Space Invaders” was cool, because it isn’t now. He is now trying to “kill pigs” on his website. I thought we were going after “terrorists”. I put terrorists in quotes because terrorists is short…well long for OIL. I guess he is just upset at being a POW for 5 years and continuing to kill is his payback. I have full support for the troops who are risking their life, but I DO NOT SUPPORT THE WAR! I know I have freedom of speech, but is John McCain going to try and kill me as well?

I know the game is not about killing pigs. It is referring to pork barrel spending aka Earkmarks. I am against McCain in the election, (GO OBAMA) but I wanted to try this game to see what you win. I found out that all you get are slams against Barack Obama on his views on Earmarks. I am not saying that I like that our tax money is getting spent on failed/useless projects, but this is the dumbest idea that I have seen in a very long time.

When I went on his website, I found embed code and a link to install the Facebook application. I felt that I needed to embed the code to show everyone how old school he is. Has he ever seen a video game in the year 2008? I guess maybe enjoy it….no, no you won’t.

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