Jul 24 2008

Comstar Finishes WiMAX (Wireless) Network In Armenia

Cornet-AM, an Internet services provider and part of the Comstar Group, has finished building the Republic of Armenia’s first mobile WiMAX network.

The completed wireless broadband network (which is based on the 802.16e standard) consists of 24 base stations which are connected to each other via radio relay lines and rented telecommunications channels; US-based Airspan Networks provided network equipment.

The 3.6-3.8 GHz frequency range was allocated for the network on the territory of 9 regions of the Republic of Armenia. The network has a high data transmission capacity and enables the provision of a full range of telecommunications services, such as data transmission, digital telephony, high speed internet access, conference calling, creating virtual private networks (IP VPN), for residential and corporate subscribers.

Victor Koresh, Vice President of Comstar for Regional Development, commented: “We have implemented the first part of our strategic project aimed at expanding our presence in Armenia. The next step involves the development of the voice services in the Republic. Earlier this year, Cornet-AM applied to the Public Service Regulation Committee of the Republic of Armenia to obtain the numbering capacity of 60,000 telephone numbers”.

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