Aug 03 2008

Jason Bay And Jed Lowrie Rocked A’s In Sweep

Jason Bay and Jed Lowrie had an amazing series against Oakland this weekend. Jason Bay in his first three games with Boston has a 3 game hitting streak which included a triple to win the game in 12 innings Friday and a 3-run Home Run last night. Also with great plays in left field and his speed make him a real threat to the opposing team.

Jed Lowrie is replacing Lugo while he is on the DL. However, I don’t think Francona will want to take Lowrie out right now since he is on fire. Numerous big hits have left an impression of Lowrie that sits a lot better than Lugo. Send him back down to the PawSox and keep Jed up here where he is actually helping us instead of hurting us.

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