Aug 14 2008

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Telethon – Donate To Cure Cancer!!

WEEI radio and NESN are teaming up with the Jimmy Fund to have a telethon to raise $4 million in 48 hours to find a cure for cancer. The Jimmy Fund and Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have almost found that cure. They need to reach their goal and hopefully surpass it to try to rid the world of cancer. I am not asking you to break the bank on a donation, $10 helps. If 50,000,000 million people donated $10, that would be $500 million towards research and a cure. Cancer has affected almost everyone’s life in someway or another. My father lost his 11 year battle with cancer a little over a month ago. Don’t be the person who gets affected by cancer next, make a donation and help find a cure.

I don’t want to hear that not that many people can donate $10. What about the 39 million votes for American Idol contestants each week. It costs $.99 to send that text message and that adds up quick. That is money that could be spent towards research. AT&T or whoever the provider who sponsors American Idol should donate $.10 of that $.99 to cancer research. Each week 39 million votes are cast (approx). There are about 10 voting weeks totaling 390 million votes in a season at $.10 a piece. At least $3.9 million is being wasted.

I donated an undisclosed amount as cancer affects me and it always will. Who knows what dollar amount could put them over the edge to finding a cure. It is not about how much you donate, it is that something is being donated. Half way through the telethon, they are close to $2 million. Help them reach $4 million. Help them fight cancer. Help them to never let that disease take another loved one. Help them to help us.

If you have lost someone to cancer, you know exactly what I am talking about.


(link to Jimmy Fund website to donate)

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