Aug 16 2008

What’s Wrong With The West Coast & Showing The Olympics


Yesterday I wrote an article about my experience in San Francisco and how awful it was for my friend Vasken and I. Now, I am going to explain how the West Coast ruined one of the biggest Olympic moments ever.

We got to the place we were staying in Santa Clara and we were looking for the Olympics on the TV. We realized that the West Coast had a 3 hour time delay on the Olympics and we switched to the pre-season football Green Bay vs. San Francisco. While watching the game, they panned to the jumbotron where they announced the results of the race where Micheal Phelps won his 8th Gold Medal in 8 possible opportunities. But the West Coast had not seen it yet.

I think I am very bitter about the entire situation and this just made it so much worse. Everything else on TV is announced as 9/8 central, meaning that in the Eastern time zone, it is on at 9pm in the EST and 8pm in the Central. Now the Olympics men’s swimming started at 10:58pm in Eastern timezone, so you would think that in Central timezone it is on at 9:58pm and Pacific timezone would be on at 7:58pm. Now, you would also think that the “LIVE” Olympics would actually be live, but the “LIVE” in the corner wasn’t really live.

However, no one has ever accomplished this feat in Olympic history and now Phelps stands alone. Congratulations Micheal Phelps.

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