Aug 17 2008

Southwest Airlines Are Amazing To Fly With

I did A LOT of flying this weekend and my flights out were a completely different experience than on the way home. I left Manchester, NH on Friday morning with US Airways flying down to Charlotte, NC and then to San Francisco. They charged $2.00 for juice/soda/water and $7.00 for a cocktail. They also tried to sell my friend Vasken and I a visa card on both legs of the flight. The flight to SF was 5 hours and they only came by to serve us once. They also didn’t offer us any snacks, just food for $7.00.

On the other hand, Southwest Airlines was so much better. The drinks were free and they came by about 5 or 6 times to refill. If you wanted a cocktail, it was $4.00 and they gave free snacks throughout the flight. Also, the flight attendants made hilarious jokes and even gave us a harmonica solo from the captain before the flight took off.

It is the little things that make the difference in the flight and I am going to try and fly with Southwest whenever I can. I hope others will too.

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Timothy Haroutunian

Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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  1. Zach

    I’ve also consistently enjoyed flying Southwest. I’m not sure I like the general admission style seating though… Like cattle call when you try to get on the plane. Without a doubt though, once you are on the plane, they are good. When I flew to San Fran last year we took Jet Blue, they were above and beyond the greatest air travel experience I’ve had to date.

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