Aug 24 2008

Watching The Show ‘Eli Stone’ After My Father Passed Away

Eli Stone premiered on January 31, 2008 and immediately caught my attention since my father was battling a malignant brain tumor at the time. I really enjoyed the content of the show, but it was a little sad. As the show began to evolve, the stories became harder to watch when my father was given only a few months. However, my father didn’t change a lot by April for the season finale so it was a very sad, but I was able to get through it.

Every Saturday night during the summer they have been replaying the season each week to prepare for the season two premiere on October 14th. Since I enjoyed the show the first time through I figured I would watch it again during the reruns. During that time, my father health declined and was given a couple of days. After he passed away, I stopped watching a couple of the episodes because it was too hard to handle. Since it is one of my favorite shows, I had to get back into watching it so that I could see the season premiere. It was hard to watch especially since today was the rerun of the season finale which was the hardest of them all.

At the beginning of the episode, Eli had a dream that the surgery had gone wrong, but he woke up. He went through the episode thinking that he was going to have surgery that Friday. It turns out that he had already had the surgery, but his mind is believing that he had not. Little by little Eli gained another clue about why everything seems different. They flip back to reality to see all of his family and friends as they gathered by his bedside. Back in his dream, he went to see Dr. Chen who got him to realize that he was imagining the whole situation. This was the hardest part of the show to watch because of the following conversation.

  • Chen: You could let go. No one blames you, Eli. No one’s angry. They’re sad and they’ll hurt. They’ll hurt for a long time but the world will go on without you, Eli. The world doesn’t need Eli Stone unless…
  • Eli: Unless? I have…
  • Chen: You could say it Eli, it’s okay. I’m sure it’s nice for Him to hear.
  • Eli: (choked up) I have more to do? I have more to do!
  • Chen: (smiling) I think so too.

Chen gave him one acupuncture needle and he went into an area of nothing. He turns around to see George Michael who sings “Feeling Good” as the rest of the important people in his life dance around him. When the song ends, he wakes up in the hospital, looks around and finally takes a deep breath.

Even though the show ended different, this episode hit a little too close to home and it made me do a lot of thinking about everything. My breaking point was when Chen said “They’re sad and they’ll hurt. They’ll hurt for a long time but the world will go on without you”. Now everything seems different, confusing and upsetting, but I know this is a speed bump in the road of life. Actually it is more like a brick wall that wrecks the front of your car. It makes it so you can still drive the car, but it will never run the same as it did years ago. You can even get a paint job to cover the bodywork or “scars” but the ordeal will remain. People have told me numerous times that it is very hard, but it does get better. Well I don’t know about the second part, but the were right on when they said it is very hard.

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