Sep 02 2008

Red Sox Will Break Sellout Record And I Will Be There

On September 8th, 2008, the Red Sox will break the MLB record for most consecutive home sellouts. This record is currently held by the Cleveland Indians from 1995-2001 at 456 games. The Red Sox will not only beat the record, but maintain it for a long time. No team other than the Sox have consecutive games totaling 25 games. The Red Sox streak started May 15, 2003 and will go for quite some time since the Red Sox have now gained millions of new fans.

Among the events scheduled in Bostonā??s developing plans are an on-field ceremony recognizing the four players who have been with the club during the entire streak (David Ortiz, Mike Timlin, Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield), along with recognizing any staff or fans who have attended all 456 games. Other considerations include having players standing at the gates to welcome fans, and perhaps the creation of a list denoting 456 reasons the Red Sox are thankful for the streak.

I am going to take pictures (hopefully I get there in enough time) and then I will blog them.

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  1. Bill Lawhorn

    Who would have predicted that the September matchup vs the Tampa Rays would loom so large? Right now it’s the Pedroia show and Ortiz and Jason Bay and company are just along for the ride… The Sox’s lineup is so much deeper and better than the Rays, but that Rays staff and bullpen is scary good! Got my $20 tickets in hand for Tuesday game (yeah I’m cheap but whatcha gonna do? I’m a sucka for the bleachers) http://www.esellout.com/ResultsGeneralAtVenue.aspx?kwds=Boston+Red+Sox&venid=21 I can’t wait to see how this shakes out. The rosters expanded allow Francona the flexibility to make pitching changes and give some breathers in blowouts. The Wild Card is ours to lose…The Division is OURS TO WIN!

    RED SOX in 2008!

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