Sep 11 2008

Armenia And Turkey Want To Improve Diplomacy

With a new administration in Armenia, Turkey and Armenia want to work together to try and bring the countries closer together from a political standpoint. If Turkey and Armenia establish ties between them, then the US government might recognize the 1.5 million Armenian who were killed and actually consider it a genocide.

The only reason the US won’t recognize it is because of George Bush and his need for war allies. Turkey is a important base to take off from and he doesn’t want to upset them. If they are alright with it then the US government won’t have any reason not to. The two Presidents met in Armenia for a world cup soccer game and made it known that they want to change the current relationship.

Turkey and Armenia decided to improve relations, including raising the level of regular consulting mechanism to foreign ministers, speeding up efforts to form a joint commission and opening the border for humanitarian aid.source

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  1. hikaye

    This is good news. I hope both nations will start enjoy living together soon.

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