Sep 26 2008

First Presidential Debate In 2008: Obama "Beats" McCain

Tonight was the first debate of the 2008 Presidential Elections and it went very well…for Barack Obama. Obama was clear on his stances, even when John McCain made the country question them. Obama answered his questions very well and made McCain fumble with his words a lot. McCain also sounded very nervous like he was getting caught in lies or that he didn’t have a rebuttal.

John McCain kept bringing up the “care for veterans” and “war in Iraq“, but not really about anything else. I see nothing wrong with the giving the proper care for veterans, who deserve it, but I have a problem with spending $10 billion per month in Iraq while they have an $80 billion surplus. John McCain is good at one thing and that is to take the middle part of the country and dangle a shiny object in front of them and start telling them a bunch of lies about Barack Obama and hope they listen. I am not a political analyst, but I care about the country and the current path that it is taking. If I don’t know what something is, I research it. Whether the research is done online, in a book, on the tv or even respectively discuss it among friends. One of my friends posted something similar on twitter. If you don’t care enough to pay attention and/or don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain.

Obama said he is not going to raise, even lower, the taxes for 95% of the working families. If you make less than $250,000/year, you will not see anymore taxes, everyone over that will see a raise. If you make $250,000/year, you can afford more than a family of 6 who might not have their home anymore because the parents got laid off due to the economy. The single parent who works two/three jobs so that their children can have a decent chance at accomplishing something wonderful in their life. John McCain is against this, because he is part of that since he is worth around $25 million himself. Obama wants to close all of the loopholes in the business tax and give that money to people who need it. This country is being run by the rich and portrayed as the rich, however, working families are struggling to pay the mortgage and the medical bills. It isn’t right for some families to choose between paying for the house, eating properly or send their children to get an education. I am not talking about the people who screwed up their lives because of drugs, gambling or alcohol. I am talking about the families who work to try and get by and then get laid off because the company can’t afford them anymore due to the economic crisis.

Barack Obama brought up education for children, universal health care and independence from foreign oil. He explained that each of those are going to be on his top priority list because that is the change America needs. If we want to be seen as the most educated country in the world, then we need to help students have a chance to go to college who couldn’t because of money. Get Federal Aid to those who need it and not those who “earn” it. If someone works hard and get good grades, they deserve scholarships and some grants, however, if kids are cheating through high school because they didn’t get a good education as a child, it leaves out the people who want to go to college and get more of an education. Universal health care will help Americans who are out of work or do not have work paid health insurance to be able to get basic care. Our dependence on foreign oil needs to be dealt with and Obama has a plan for that within 10 years while McCain is talking about 2030 for his nuclear power. Yes, offshore drilling would have a little benefit, but you can’t replace new/renewable energy options with drilling. Obama has a better plan to lead this country than John McCain and I believe that Obama will come out on top.

An instant poll taken right after the debate giving Obama an edge on the current results. Since this debate was mainly about the economy, the poll showed that 68% of random undecided votes said that Obama would handle the economy better than McCain at 41%. Also for their opinion about Barack Obama after the debate, 46% said better, 46% said no change and 7% said worse. That’s a 39% increase than what he had before, and John McCain wanted to cancel the debate. I knew Obama would win if the debate happened.

This map displays the current predictions as of time of post.
9/27/08 Predicted Presidential Voting

The map below shows what would happen if New Hampshire and Florida vote with Barack Obama, he would win the election. However, I am not getting these facts out of thin air. In a story posted in mid-July, Florida’s Democratic registrations shot up 106,000 in a 5 month span compared to the Republican’s registration at 16,000. More people are agreeing with Obama than with John McCain. Florida is 27 votes which would leave Obama four votes shy of the presidency. Any other state would also guarantee the election, but the easiest might be New Hampshire. Even though it is a “southern” thinking state, in 2004, NH voted democrat and gave all their votes to John Kerry. There is a possibility that NH could turn to Obama and this election would be “over”.
9/27/08 Custom Presidential Voting

From CNN.com

Until the next debate remember, know what’s going on in the country to make “educated” decisions about your opinions.

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  1. Joe Kirk

    I am a staunch democrat but I felt really sorry for Obama. When it comes to Foreign Policy I am afraid that he does not do well in this area. I was really embarrased listening to him talk about something he just does not know about. Maybe the experts are right when they say he does not have enough experience to be President of the United States.

  2. Mike

    I mean it’s obvious this Obama guy is touting words for people going through hard times. This is not what solves problems. This has traditionally made problems worse. Steal from the rich and give to the poor does not create jobs. Talking to mad men who are buliding nuclear weopons does not make us safer. Putting a man who has like 2 years of political and foreighn service experience as the president of our fine country does not serve us well. And all this stuff about putting John McCain in bed with George W Bush Is B. S. The 2 hated eachother because John McCain stood against the norm. All Obama has in his campaighn is to compair John McCain to the Bush Administration is getting old. McCain was never on board with all the traditional ideals of the republican Party. So Obama says after a couple of years as a senator he is ready to be the president of the United States, But embraces a racist and crazy preacher for 20 years but didn’t realize or know that he was crazy or extreme. Does that make sense??? I don’t think so. Obama is either really stupid or a liar and a fake,. I will vote for knowledge and experience this time.


    This is a joke. Obama is so poor at negotiating with people he walked out of the bailout talks today then proceeded to ask for interviews so he could cover himself.

    Here is more info on Obama’s friends who caused the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac thanks to the greed of people who wanted to redistribute the right of loans to people who really could not afford them.

    Guess who got the most money from FM/FM? (Obama)

    Guess where they are now? (Working for Obama)

    I tried to post the YouTubes but it won’t accept them.
    Just add this to the YouTube URL: watch?v=H5tZc8oH–o


    And these:




    And this, where there are 145 lies and counting: obamawtf.blogspot.com/

  5. A-BombBabyBoomer

    As a Viet Nam era vet and a person who has visited or worked in over 40 countries around the world since 1967, I find Obama a breath of fresh air. I have been to the tribal areas of Pakistan since I was stationed there in a remote top secret site in the late 60s. The Pathan tribesmen and the people of Pakistan loved and admired us then, and every country that I visited and worked in the 60s through the 70s were filled with citizens who admired our country.

    I visited all over the Middle East from Damascus to Bagdad to Tehran to Cairo, and I found fellow human beings who were just like me – scratching out a living and hoping to find better lives for their children. I learned never to confuse governments from the people in the countries rules by the governing class. I find a kindred soul in Obama as a person with a world view who wants back the respect that the world once had for us.

    By having access to top secret information during the Viet Nam War, I became totally against the war since the American people had be so deceived about the reasons that we were told by misguided politicians and overly ambitious generals why we needed this war. I was drafted, and I didn’t have a choice but to go into the military at this time. I went in idealistic and came out disillusioned for a time. However, when I came home in my military uniform, I was called a “Pig”. Although I was totally against that war, I learned never to confuse the War and the Warrior. WWI and WWII were righteous wars. Viet Nam and Iraq were not. Iraq, like Viet Nam, was started by deceitful and misguided politicians. Why, as Obama so eloquently debated, have we lost our focus on 9/11 and the Afghan War – the righteous war?

    After my experience in the Viet Nam era, I wanted to travel and meet the people of the coutries that were friendly and not friendly with. The sadest experience was in Iran during the reign of the Shah. He was a lunatic put in place by the CIA’s assasination of an elected president. These poor people ousted one lunatic only to replace him with another one. The misguided leaders of our country caused this.

    During the Russian war in Afghanistan, the CIA gave money and arms as support to Osama bin Lauden and any one else in the Middle East who would come to oppose the Russian occupation. The CIA and our government encouraged the Pakistani ISI security agency to recruit the Pathans of the Northwest Territory to fight against the Russians. The Saudis and other Arab coutries gave money to create schools in this area to indoctrinate children and find recruits for the war in Afghanistan as a Jihad against the Godless Russians. After the Russian occupation was, bin Lauden and these other Jihadists (the Pathans who became the Taliban) occupied a country and turned it into hell on earth. Our government helped do this. I didn’t and my neighbors didn’t – our government did it. I never confuse my government with my neighbors. I never confuse other coutries’ goverments with their people, either.

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