Sep 27 2008

Media Temple Web Hosting, Armenian As A Language

Yesterday, I saw a tweet from John Resig, creator of jQuery, that stated that he will be moving all of the jQuery files/data to Media Temple. Media Temple is a Tier IV web hosting facility in El Segundo, CA that features one the most advanced technology used for their data center.

The space is in approximately 7,000 square feet currently with room for expansion up to 40,000 square feet. The center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. On-site armed security is around-the-clock. They monitor the alarm system and security cameras that are on all perimeter points of ingress/egress to the building. Bulletproof security station and shipping/receiving areas with a Biometric security system are also in place. Our personnel require authorized escorted visitations. 24? raised floor manufactured by Maxcess covering every square foot of our cages, MDF and Network Operation Center.


When I was reading up about them, it says:
“English is our primary language. We also speak Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Korean, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Armenian and a few other languages.” – source

That’s awesome, but out of all the other languages, Italian or German would be next on the list, I would think. It must be since they are located about 30 miles away from Glendale, CA which has the largest concentration of Armenian-American population. Just thought that was pretty funny.

Speaking of jQuery, I am heading to the jQuery Conference in Boston in the am

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  1. Ed /NextInstinct

    It’s awesome to see Armenian listed. I agree it’s because they likely have some kids from Glendale.
    It’s all good. Very cool pick up Tim!

  2. Hosting Admin

    I don’t know that in the USA live so much Armenians. I’m surprised.

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