Oct 01 2008

Heading Back Up To Plymouth State For Homecoming 2008

Tomorrow morning, I am driving back up to Plymouth State once again for homecoming weekend. Since I am “on vacation” this week, I will get to spend two more days with old friends. (This was my vacation, but I got called in to help catch up, so I am only taking 2 days of it). I can’t wait to go up and see different people who I haven’t seen in months. The last time I was there with school in session was March and a lot has happened since then.

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I have realized something interesting about leaving Plymouth State in May 2007. At first, I missed Plymouth a lot because of friends and my activities up there. However, I am really happy with my job now and even though I miss my friends and my activities, I don’t miss being in Plymouth. I am glad I live near the city (Boston) and get to go in very easily.

It will be good to get away for a couple of days. If you went to Plymouth, are going and are reading this, look for me this weekend.

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