Oct 09 2008

Saturday Night Live, Thursday Edition: October 9, 2008

Since Saturday night live is so popular, they decided that they would do a Thursday Edition of Weekend Update that would focus on the Presidential debates and election satire. This is the first of three live shows are being aired for this special. The show airs Thursdays at 9:30pm on NBC.

Tonight’s show started out with the the second Presidential debate. SNL poked fun at Barack Obama and most of all John McCain. They joked about both candidates time limits during the debate, John McCain talking about “my friends”, “his memory (age)” and his bipartisanship talks. The John McCain started walking in front of Obama will he was speaking to try and get all the attention. They have Obama explaining that he was best friends with William Ayers. There was a special guest appearance with Bill Murray. Bill talked about the Cubs loss and he wanted to know what each candidate would do to stop the cubs from losing. The candidates responded by saying that the Cubs fans should start rooting for another team that would have a better chance. Finally they wanted to save time so they had the enough for two questions, so they asked the questions simultaneously. The candidates responded simultaneously as well. It was a very funny skit, if you watched the debates.

Next, Weekend Update had an awesome special. Amy Poehler talked about how Sarah Palin attempted to read a quote on a Starbucks cup. Amy added that Palin summed up her views on energy by claiming, America Runs on Dunkin’…which refers to the slogan of Dunkin’ Donuts. Amy and Seth did a segment that I love called “Really with Seth and Amy”. They analyzed AIG’s company retreat 6 days after getting the bailout. A $400,000 retreat caused serious heat with the country. They even started a new segment called, “Oh My God, Are You Serious” where they just say “Oh My God, Are You Serious” before or after a statement.

I can’t wait until next week’s show.

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