Oct 15 2008

Final Debate: Three Strikes And McCain Is "Out"

Even though this was McCain‘s best performance in a debate, the debate still went to Obama according to many polls. I know that it is not official yet, but McCain’s chances of winning the election are running out. Since I am voting for Obama, I am happy about this, but I don’t want to get confident when everything could change overnight.

McCain spends most of his time making comments about Obama that are not true, just to get a “laugh” out of the crowd that isn’t allowed to make noises. I will state that Obama made a comment during the debate about McCain that is false. Obama claimed that 100% of McCain’s ads were negative. CNN’s fact check shows that the statement is incomplete. However, that still doesn’t change my stance and a good percentage of the voters of this country who feel that Obama is the right choice for President.

McCain has lost many battleground states that should have been committed to McCain by now. Take Virginia for example, Since 1964 they have voted Republican and last election, <a href="http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/" title="George H. W team task management software. Bush” rel=”homepage” class=”zem_slink”>George Bush took a 9 point lead in the state. Currently Obama has a 10 point lead in Virginia over McCain. What does that say about McCain if he can’t even nail down a VERY Republican state. Only time will tell who will win, but that time is in three weeks.

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