Oct 23 2008

Check Out "Palin As President".us – This Is Hilarious

A friend of mine told me about http://palinaspresident.us. You go on the site and you see the oval office with Sarah Palin sitting behind it. You can click on all the different objects in the office and they move or make comments.

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  • There is a poster of the movie “Maverick” and someone from the Dallas Mavericks
  • Inside the door on the left, there are burning books
  • On the wall there are blank frames and if you click on them, she says: “Learning’s hard”, “Didn’t graduate”, “BS here I come”
  • If you click on the curtain directly behind Palin, she says “Where did Russia go?”
  • There is a 6 pack of beer on the seat that she calls “Joe 6 pack” and the light bulb she calls “Joe Light bulb”

I would highly recommend checking this site out for fun

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