Oct 26 2008

Verizon Wireless Changed Their Security Policies

I have had the same cell number for more than 6 years now from Verizon Wireless. When I first signed up for Verizon before I went off to college, I was add onto my parents account. When I graduated, I was going to change to my own plan, but with everything going on, I never got a chance to. I have been meaning to go into the Verizon store to start my own contract since I am moving closer to the North Shore area. I always forget my father’s death certificate which they will require to be pulled off the account.

I have always been granted full control of the account both online/by phone. However, recently Verizon changed their security polices making it so the only person set to be account manager is the account owner. This made it hard for me to do anything on the account until I was on my new contract. When I got locked out of the online account, I called to have them reset it. Luckily they unlocked my online account for me so that I could still do things online, but to do any other tasks, I would need to have my own account.

Looks like I have to go this week to take care of it.

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