Oct 31 2008

With No Job Right Now, I Decided To Go To Plymouth

After a very stressful day yesterday, I decided that I would go up to Plymouth to see some friends and gather my thoughts. So far, I got to hang out with Zach and Sara and play Guitar Hero: World Tour. I also went down to the Lucky Dog and have a few drinks and see my friend Steve. I went back to Vasken’s house and hung out while I added programs to my new laptop. I will be spending time with other friends and working on updating my resume.

I miss the Plymouth scene, but I don’t know if I could live here. Too far away from my family and Boston. However, I have a job possibility up here, so i don’t want to rule it out. It will be a good weekend that I can just relax and have fun.

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  1. Burun Estetigi

    Hey, I just caught myself making a false assumption (After blaming Anon-e-mouse for making one): who said Anon-e-mouse referred his comment to me?

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