Nov 09 2008

Should The Red Sox Host The 2012 All-Star Game?

The Red Sox have requested to host the 2012 All-Star game because it will be the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Other teams (fans) have issues with the Red Sox getting another All Star game in a short amount of time. The last time Fenway hosted an All-Star game was in 1999, 13 years from 2012. I understand other teams want their chance to host it, but it is not just another year. It is the 100th anniversary of Fenway which is the oldest active ballpark in the country. I think that MLB should give them a high priority for the 2012 All-Star Game.

Time can change everything but some things will always remain the same and I’m not talking about Fenway. I am talking about when a fan of a game walks into “that” (any) park and something comes over them. It is something about that place that makes me feel like a kid again. Back to when my father used to take me to baseball games and it was so magical. I lost out on that 4 months ago today when he passed away of cancer (Red Sox have been partnered with the Jimmy Fund since 1953). 100 years is not just another number, it is how there are some memories that can be passed along through generations.

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  1. RedSoxSonoma

    Agreed. There are many franchises that have waited too long for a return visit from the ASG, however, there are not too many opportunities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ANY ballpark. PIT hosted the ASG in ’94 and ’06 (12 years). STL hosted in ’57 and ’66 (9 years). This would not be the shortest interval in between ASG’s at any city.

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