Dec 03 2008

Post-Commit Hooks With Subversion On Dreamhost

When I was working at my old job, we started using Subversion (SVN) as our versioning software which I really enjoyed. Now that I am working on my own web application, I am using SVN as well. Currently I am using Dreamhost for my hosting and they have SVN pre-installed on their servers, all you need to do is activate it. The installation is very easy through the web panel, however, if you want to get more advanced, you will need to know basic command line.

I wanted to setup SVN so that when I commit to the server, it automatically updates the site with the newest content. Normally you have to manually go in and update the site to the latest revision. After reading through the Dreamhost Wiki, I found out how to accomplish this in only about 5-6 quick steps. I say quick in the fact that if you do it right it is quick. I had a few issues based on false information in the wiki, but I finally got it working and they updated the article.

Read the article here.

Once I got it working, I tested it out and it worked wonders. It made my life a lot easier because not only was it one less step, but I didn’t have to go into command line after every save and commit. If you are using SVN, I would highly recommend establishing a post-commit hook so that you can save time and energy.

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